Sending Migrants to Blue States: Political Sunt or Viable Strategy?
Newsweek Josh Hammer Podcast

The Culture Wars Won't Feed My Children

In the absence of offering solutions that will help families, they aim to divide us with boogeymen and scare tactics that gin up anger, prevent us from uniting, and lead us to believe the only solution is for us to turn inward and distrust everyone else.

An Unlikely Savior and a Flight Out of the Soviet Union

Westerners tend to overlook the fact that Gorbachev's aim in the late 1980s was not to dissolve the Soviet Union or abolish Communism but to rescue them by reforming both. The breakup of the USSR and the fading of Communism were unintended consequences of his efforts. Nevertheless, it is the consequences and not the intentions that have been (rightly) embraced.

We Must Provide Security to All People of Faith

As we approach the Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanah, and subsequent High Holidays, Jews across America will gather in synagogues and homes in the largest numbers since the antisemitic hostage crisis at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, in January. Security is a critical priority at a time when antisemitism in the United States is on the rise.